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Tree Removal Specialists

Do you have an enormous tree that is suspect of failure? We can advise you on whether it is a candidate for removal. The first thing we will do is find viable options to save your tree. If it is the only option, we can handle any removal no matter the size or risk involved.

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Tree Trimming

Our favorite part of being in the tree care industry. Nothing better than giving a tree a much needed hair cut! All trees at some point need to have certain limbs removed so they can take in sunlight, oxygen, decrease limb weight, prevention of decay and organisms from entering or aesthetic reasons. Every species requires a different type of trim or shaping. For instance, a Red Maple at some point in its life will need to have the interior limbs thinned out and possibly the whole outer canopy reduced. A Black Oak will need its dead limbs removed every 3-5 years to thrive to its fullest. A Birch tree will often need its lower limbs removed and  raised up due to them naturally wanting to droop down. We will know exactly what type of trim your tree will need!

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Ornamental shaping and hedge trimming

Some of you tree lovers really take pride in your landscape and have a plethora of beautiful exotics that have specific pruning necessities. We love to train these beautiful specimens into a work of art.

We are experts at making the proper and necessary pruning cuts, shaping techniques, creating and promoting healthy growth for your plants and trees.

Maybe you are tired of getting out the hedge trimmers twice a year. We will trim any bush or hedge with ease. Don't forget to ask about or friendly rates regarding hedge work.

Stump Grinding

Don't leave that unsightly, decaying stump left there in your yard to just rot away. We offer stump removal services at a very reasonable rate!

Storm Damage Cleanup

Most haven't had to deal with the inconvenience of a tree falling onto our property. If this does happen, we can get that big tree off of your house. We are open 24 hours so call at any hour of the day!

Free Estimates!

We always provide free estimates. If you are located 30 miles from our headquarters it is still a free estimate so don't hesitate to reach out! - tree cutting service

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